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History of the Guillon distillery


Since the making of malt and distillation in 384 BC, malts and alcohols have changed methods many times. And many regions and empires want to take control and pride in the technique of malt distillation. For this, Scotland and Ireland and England have been fighting for centuries to preach the pride of this find. And to this day, still few people can say that the spirit of malt comes from one land more than another.

Many religious men are to this day the patron saints of malt, notably Saint Patrick, the monk Magnus Eunson, but also some inventors and founders such as John Jameson or Jack Daniel, precursors and creators of the references of the spirit of malt in the world.

The History of Malt

Distillation and know-how have changed a lot. But stills, malt and barley have always been present. In the malts of the world, various types of malt are found: Corn malt, rye malt, but also barley and wheat malt. For the best of our work, we have chosen to work with Barley Malt, which gives us a very significant aromatic palette, ensuring that our finishes in barrels of the greatest French wines have the best aromas after ageing.

We take care to work with the best, which is why we chose Malteurop. Located not far from the distillery, Malteurop is one of the largest Malting plants in the world, supplying the finest Scottish, Irish and other distilleries throughout the world.


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