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Guillon know-how

In 1997, Thierry Guillon decided to fulfil his childhood dream: to create a spirit based on 100% French malt. Trained as an oenologist since 1992, he decided to create a range of products based on French know-how and quality: "We take the best of France" says Thierry Guillon.

The Guillon Distillery is located on a former hunting lodge, a Guillon family estate, in the heart of the Montagne de Reims Park.

3 key elements make the success of these products today

The spring : our natural spring is located on the property in the middle of the Montagne de Reims Park, classified Natura 2000. This spring flows naturally by gravity from the top of the plateau towards the distillery. It is filtered before its use by layers of white sand, natural geological formations in our subsoil. Although we are in a limestone massif, the spring water is not loaded with calcium because a layer of clay holds it above the chalk. It is very low in mineral salts (100 mg/l), it is this finesse that it brings and that we are looking for in the elaboration of the "Esprit du Malt de la Montagne de Reims ®".

Cereal : Champagne is a very large barley producing region. The barley transformed into malt becomes the first ingredient for the manufacture of our spirits, this transformation is done in a malting plant located in Vitry-le-François. A key element in our elaboration, this quality malt allows us to obtain an alcohol of great finesse.

The know-how : first and foremost an oenological know-how, thanks to the training of Mr Thierry Guillon, which allows a fine and refined blending. A French know-how since all the casks used for maturation are old barrels of great French wines. We thus get the best out of the talented French winemakers.

All these elements allowed Mr Thierry Guillon to create the distillery in 1997, the marketing of the bottles only started in 2002, a delay due to the ageing time of the spirits. Since then, he has developed a unique range of 16 malt spirits and its distribution throughout France to reach a production of more than 70,000 decanters per year.


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